Site comments opened up

Since the relaunch of (yes, it’s still a work in progress) we’ve had only a few comments appear from our website visitors. We have a guess as to why.

Up to now, commenting required you to register with the site, and some folks consider that a bit of a hassle. So we’re going to try something out: we’re taking down that barrier to participation — as an experiment.

We’ve just opened up the commenting system one more notch. Site visitors may now submit a comment on any of our posts simply by including their name and e-mail address (e-mail addresses are not published). Submitted comments will still be moderated before appearing publicly, but we’re hoping this more open approach will allow folks to feel freer to participate.

What do you think? Well… try commenting directly on this article and tell us! ;-)

Of course, if you’d prefer to send a more private message, you can always use the form on the Contact Us page.