AK: Falling

From poets falling in love to politicians falling from grace. The number of state recreation area users is falling — we’ll find out why — and we’ll visit Southeast, where instead of falling from trees, we’ll zip right through them. Plus, a chat with NPR’s Corey Flintoff during his last days in Iraq. Those stories and more on the next AK, on APRN stations statewide starting today.

Falling from Grace
From Pete Kott’s pills to Bruce Weyhrauch’s delayed trial to Vic Kohring’s big office sale, AK host Rebecca Sheir walks us through the Alaskan ethics scandals du jour.

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AK’s Scott Burton introduces us to Alaska Zip Lines, a new Southeast tourism company whose clients minimize environmental impacts — by staying off the ground. No wings or propellers required… just a whole lot of zip.

Off the Boat
In Alaska, plenty of people have fallen off of boats into cold, stormy waters. Only the lucky ones — like essayist Dan Przywojski — live to tell about it.

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Telling Stories in Iraq
NPR Foreign Correspondent Corey Flintoff has been embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq three times now. Born in Fairbanks, Flintoff began at KYUK in Bethel before serving as news director of KSKA in Anchorage, and then executive producer of the Alaska Public Radio Network. AK host Rebecca Sheir talks with Flintoff just before he wraps up his third tour.

300 Villages: Shishmaref and Aleneva

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Into the Wild
Last year, director Sean Penn and producer John Kelly came to Healy, Alaska to shoot part of a movie based on Jon Krakauer’s book “Into the Wild.” Theresa Bakker attended a special screening of the movie at Fairbanks’ Blue Loon theatre and spoke with locals like mountaineer Roman Dial and Willy Karedis, to see if Alaska was falling for the flick.

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Falling Numbers
Despite rising numbers of visitors to the state, use of many of Alaska’s public wayside campgrounds is apparently falling. AK’s Ellen Lockyer speaks with Wayne Biessel, superintendent of state recreation facilities, and John Quinley of the National Park Service to find out why.

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Dream Falling
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, breathing fast, sweating, nervous… because while you were sleeping, you felt like you were falling? David Waldron spoke with analyst Linda Webber to find meaning behind those nighttime plummets.

Falling in Love
Sometimes, falling is wonderful, exhilarating, and scary all at once: when you’re falling in love. Poem by Anchorage poet KP.

Singing, At Last
Last time we checked in with Lora Mahaffey, she’d just nabbed a first-place prize from the Food Network for her exquisite cupcakes (see our Cuisine show, 2 Dec 2006). It turns out Mahaffey has a voice as sweet as her treats. AK’s Ellen Lockyer visited with the chanteuse for a preview of her new CD, At Last.

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