Alaska power producers meet in Valdez; discuss renewable energy

The Alaska Power Association held its 56th annual meeting last Thursday and Friday in Valdez. The event was hosted by Copper Valley Electric Association. And it drew industry reps, researchers and local and state political leaders.

CORRECTION (20 Sep 2007)
In the original broadcast of this story, we wrongly attributed a quote about the need to invest heavily and immediately in alternative energy in the state. We originally identified the speaker as UAA’s Steve Colt. The speaker in the quote is actually Tony Izzo, CEO of TMI Consulting and former CEO of Enstar. Steve Colt says he doesn’t agree that the state may suffer an economic collapse from rising fuel prices. He says they are a challenge we can deal with, not a death sentence. We regret the error and announced the correction in the September 20, 2007 edition of Alaska News Nightly.

Amy Bracken, KCHU – Valdez