AK: Running

This week on AK, we’re on the Run. We’ll take our marks with some running bears, get set with a Fairbanks marathoner who’s not afraid to show some leg, and go… to Southeast, where the scow girls are running one tight ship. Plus, a Vietnam vet whose good deeds run the gamut and a balloon that ran bombs from Japan to Alaska during World War II. Those stories and more on the next AK, on APRN stations statewide starting today.

The Running Bears
Casey Kelly, KMXT
Kodiak’s high school cross country team, led by coach Marcus Dunbar and his son Trevor Dunbar, dominate the state — in competition and in team spirit.

A Flirty Skirt
In Fairbanks, Emily Schwing tries to convert the local Team in Training group over to a new fashion trend.

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Singing in Seward
Mark Teckenbrock fills us in on Seward’s big fall music an arts festival.

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The new Ken Burns documentary series begins airing on PBS stations nationwide Sunday evening, September 23. It tells the story of World War II through the eyes of Americans on the homefront and battlefront. Learn more online.

Flying the Aleutians
John Pletcher was a B-26 bomber pilot with the 73rd bomb group of the 11th Air Force in the Aleutians during the war; AK contributor Rex Gray flew him back to Adak to look at his old stomping grounds.

The Falling Fugo
Rebecca Sheir, AK
Japanese made fugo balloons carrying bombs fell over parts of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest near the end of the war. Air force historian and longtime Alaska resident John Cloe has been researching these little-known weapons for an upcoming book on the Japanese northern and central Kuriles during World War II.

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Flying Veterans
Ellen Lockyer, AK
Vietnam Vet Moe Bailey and his friends with Veterans Aviation Outreach are using their flying skills to make sure Alaska’s remote rural veterans can access the services they need.

  • Break: “American Patrol” by Glenn Miller from 100e Anniversaire

Dude Fishing
Anne Hillman, KDLG
Dillingham fishermen Fritz Johnson and Andy Devalpin are testing out “Dude Fishing” — taking tourists out commercial fishing, for money. Dan Dunbar and family were their first “customers.”

Scow Girls
Deb Spencer and her crew of scow girls take in fish and pass out food for fishermen near Pelican. AK’s Scott Burton attended their annual party on board the Shoreline.

Running of the Bears
Jeff Brown, KTOO
This annual spring event in Juneau pits runners against a pack of hungry black bears. Comedy feature, originally run in 1997.

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