AK: Home

This week on AK, we’re heading Home — to tent camps in the woods, retirement homes on the waterfront, and the Pioneers Home, at the end of life. Plus, listen in as Alaska troops return home from war, and the debate over eagles making their home in Homer.

All that and more on AK, from APRN stations statewide, starting today.

Soldiers Home in Juneau
Rosemarie Alexander was at the airport along with Governor Sarah Palin to greet returning members of the Alaska Army National Guard on October 18.

The Meyer’s Herd
Phil and Anne Meyers and their pet reindeer are feeling the pinch of development at their home off Knik Goose Bay Road in Wasilla. Katie Hecker paid them a visit.

The Last Home
When people move into one of the state run Pioneer Homes, like the one in Sitka, they usually know it’s the last place they’ll live. Melissa Marconi-Wentzel found out it can be a tough transition for people like Anna Louise Pellet and Freddy and George Young.

  • Break: “My Last Days on Earth” by Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys from The Definitive Collection

Without A Home
Scott Burton met some of the people who find themselves homeless in Juneau, living in camps in the woods or at the Glory Hole, the local emergency shelter.

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300 Villages

A Sculpted Body
Being a female body-builder doesn’t mean you have to be huge, but you do have to put your body through a lot. Nora Gruner spoke to Joelle Miller and her husband/coach Bill Miller.

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Coming Home to Elmendorf
Elmendorf Air Force base held a party to welcome about 300 troops home from various overseas deployments. Ellen Lockyer produced this audio postcard.

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The Eagle Lady
The debate over feeding eagles on the Homer Spit continues. Rebecca Sheir found out that legally, Jean Keene can feed them for a few more years, but people like wildlife biologist Edgar Bailey aren’t too happy about it.

Home on the Water
On Prince of Wales Island, outside home buyers are driving house prices out of the range that many Alaskans can afford. Ed Schoenfeld spoke with some real estate agents and locals.

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Home to Bethel
More than 100 of the national Guardsmen returning from deployment are from the Y_K region. Angela Denning Barnes spent a late night at the airport with families waiting for their arrival and cheering them home.

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