AK: Crossed Signals & Miscommunication

This week on AK, we get our signals crossed. We’ll hear about some bears who were being sent some very mixed signals and learn ways to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the hearing. Plus, how one Alaska public radio station nearly lost its signal — thanks to one fishy culprit.

The miscues and mistakes of miscommunication on AK, from APRN stations statewide, starting today.

Sounds Fishy To Me…
AK host Rebecca Sheir chats with KFSK general manager Tom Abbott about a raven’s trick that almost skewed the annual membership drive. Only in Alaska!

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Confused Bears
Contributing producer Nora Gruner examines the impact on bears who cross the boundary line of a well-known bear refuge and suddenly face the barrel of a hunter’s gun.

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Crossed Signals / Crossed Signs
Host Rebecca Sheir visits the Alaska State School For Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and speaks with the Arc of Anchorage’s Shana Gibbs, to find out how deaf and hard-of-hearing Alaskans communicate… and find their identity. Read the transcript of this story. (PDF, 76K)

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Graffiti “Art”?
AK reporter Scott Burton catches a graffiti artist in the act and scores and interview to examine the motivation behind the public scribbling. One person’s art is another person’s annoyance.

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Alaska Quarterly Review’s 25th
Host Rebecca Sheir speaks with Ron Spatz, executive editor and co-founder of UAA’s literary magazine, as it celebrates its 25th birthday.

Old Words
AK’ Ellen Lockyer traces the origins of antique words still in use today, and finds that a word beloved by today’s rap artists has Shakespearean origins.

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From Russia With Love
Commentator Jonathan Bower’s Russian-born wife and US-born son and he communicate just fine – not only in a mix of languages, but in a mix of language proficiencies.

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Missing the Message
Anchorage poet KP, or Keith Liles, ponders the problem of the cosmic message.

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Flash, Unalaska
Unalaska Community Broadcasting’s venerable television magazine, Flash, Unalaska, has been on the air for 19 years. AK’s Ellen Lockyer was once a guest host, and airs highlights of her video experience.

300 Villages
Crooked Creek

Rally ‘Round the Water Cooler
Alaska Teen Media Institute’s radio drama about the water cooler rumor mill gone berserk.

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