Something Different: January 6, 2008

Here’s the music playlist from the Jan 6, 2008 edition of Something Different with Betsy.

All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist Name

Travis John
Book of Sparrows
Tracy Grammer

Carry Me
The Truth About Us
Tim Easton
The Night Before Larry Was Stretched
Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam
Ockham’s Razor

Nothing Is Innocent
The Trumpet Child
Over the Rhine

Baka Live
Baka Beyond

A Long Goodbye
Midnight on the Water
David Mallett

Winter on the Great Divide
Winter on the Great Divide: A Christmas Album
Anne and Pete Sibley

Troubles of the World
Riverside Battle Songs

Good Things
The Best of the Bodeans

Down in the Valley to Pray
Ten Thousand Miles
The Websters and Scott Nygaard

Who’s Dreaming Who
Between Us
Jules Shear with Rosanne Cash

October Song
Cross the Water
Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen

Serious Guy
Resume Speed
Jim Infantino/End Construction

Peace Comes Stealing Slow
Blues and Lamentations
Kate Campbell

Andie’s Air
Old Dogs
Bill Staines

Ernest, Charlie and Allan
Lucky Blue
Tannis Slimmon

Town of Ballybay
Monkey Bars

My Love Loves the Ocean
Restless Soul
Sally Barris

Ballad of Bowser MacRae
Right of Passage
David Francey

Leaving Louisiana
Red Shoes
Bill Garrett and Sue Lathrop

Drawing Board
Little Grey Sheep
Danny Schmidt

Palani Princess
Coco’s Lunch

The Big Session Volume I
Brett Sparks and John Jones

Gone Gone Gone
Raising Sands
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Up on the Mountain
Live from Artist’s Den
Patty Griffin

Before this Time

Northlands of Ontario
Superior: Spirit and Light
Ian Tamblyn

Zero Church
Suzzy and Maggie Roche

Dance Back from the Grave
Join the Parade
Marc Cohn

A Long Day for the Weathervane
The Gougers

The Secret Angel
New Deal
John Wesley Harding

The Shearing
Thomas Leeb