Something Different: January 20, 2008

Here’s the music playlist from the Jan 20, 2008 edition of Something Different with Betsy.

All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist Name

Everything Is Never Quite Enough
Wasis Diop

Do You Love an Apple
Monkey Bars

Ballads and Barsongs
Iain Campbell Smith

Time Touches One and All
Naked as Moonlight
Half the Sky

Leave the Light On
Leave the Light On
Chris Smither

Hotel Esmeralda
Own Sweet Time
Kristin Sweetland

A Red Rose Has Grown
Mediterranean Voices: Croatia’s Mystic Voices
Klapa Sinj

Something in Spanish
Rod Picott

Ol’ Cook Pot
The Duhks

No Expectations
Hungry Ghosts
Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie

Shadow on the Wall
The Story
Brandi Carlile

Mone/Jump Up and Fly
Calabash Blues
Markus James

Marie Mouri
Adieu False Heart
Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy

Otto Wood
The Barbed Wire Cutters
The Barbed Wire Cutters

Black Spruce
Superior: Spirit and Light
Ian Tamblyn

Ua Mau
With Aloha
Bill Keale

Orange Blossom Special
The Rosinators
The Rosinators

Long Before the Light
These Dreams of Mine
Bill Coffey and Ned Evett

Das Wacker Madchen

Mad Tom of Bedlam
Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam
Ockham’s Razor

Freedom Train
Blues and Lamentations
Kate Campbell

I Knew this Place
Midnight on the Water
David Mallett

Baka Live
Baka Beyond and Baka GBine

My Bike
Lucky Blue
Tannis Slimmon

I Am a Pilgrim
Carry the Word
Spencer Bohren

Restless Soul
Restless Soul
Sally Barris

The Trouble with Scientists
Unglorious Hallelujah
Chip Taylor

A Lot of Looking to Do
Blue Print
Coco’s Lunch

Old Blue Bridge
Let Em Run
The Bills

Dona Nobis Pachem
Beth Nielson Chapman

Farewell to Grey Street
Catherine Fraser and Duncan Smith