AK: Earth Day (2008)

April 22nd is Earth Day, and this week we pay tribute to the planet. We’ll learn about sustainable agriculture, and visit a hotel that runs on the same stuff you use to cook your French fries. Plus, recycling old Crocs, and figuring out which plastic bottles are safe, and which ones might land you in hot water. All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Biking Anchorage
Biking to work isn’t just good for your health, it’s good for the Earth. In Anchorage, people like Steve Cleary of the Bicycle Commuters Alliance of Anchorage, and Bob Ritchie of ABR are trying to promote the habit.

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Veggie Oil Power
At the Westmark Baranof Hotel in Juneau, Andy Crone converted the heating system to run on used veggie oil long before it was trendy. Now, Will Taygan of the Alaska Bio-Diesel and Straight vegetable Oil Network are hoping to make it easier for more people to use it in their cars. AK’s Scott Burton.

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Sustainable Agriculture
An annual conference in Fairbanks brings growers like Mike Emers together with lower 48 experts like Lynn Byczynski, an din-state innovators like Jeff Werner to figure out help farmers succeed at producing more of Alaska’s food in-state, and help farmers. Amanda Compton.

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Recycled Crocs
For a couple of years now, Crocs have enjoyed soaring notoriety: people either love the colorful plastic shoes, or they hate them, with a passion. Now, with a little recycling, there’s a way to give them more than one life. AK’s Ellen Lockyer.

300 villages
Holy Cross
Lake Louise

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Poetry Out Loud, Continued
For National Poetry Month, we’re airing selections from the statewide “Poetry Out Loud” recitation contest. Today, Berett Wilber with “Scary Movies” by Kim Addonizio.

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Poetry Out Loud, Again
Final installment in our series of poems from the Poetry Out Loud recitations contest: Alaska winner Alev Kelter of Chugiak with ‘Agoraphobia” by Linda Pastan.

A Week Without Plastics
Alaska Youth for Environmental Action sponsors a week without plastics. Host Interview with Megan Waggoner and Zoe Fuller.

Bisphenol A
There’s been growing concern in the last year over leaching from plastic bottles. Now, the government’s National Toxicology Program has sided with scientists concerned about the effects of bisphenol A, a substance used in products like water bottles, baby bottles and food storage containers. Researchers are worried that BPA interferes with human hormonal systems. AK’s Ellen Lockyer.

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A Frenchman Remembers the Yukon
Ester resident John Lyle once had the pleasure of meeting marine explorer Jacques Cousteau on an airplane.

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