AK: Gold

This week on AK, we go looking for gold. With prices over $900 and ounce, is Alaska in the midst of a new gold rush? We’ll visit some hot prospects in the Kuskokwim region and meet a guy who can help you find your own precious nuggets. Plus, using sex and music to find a little gold, or at least green.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Guest Host: Annie Feidt

The New Gold Rush
Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage
With gold prices at about $900 an ounce, prospecting is on the rise. Companies spent more than $1 million on exploration in Alaska last year. People like Bob Hoekzema of the Alaska Miners Association are excited about the possibilities for new mines and jobs in Alaska. But environmental groups like the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council will be watching, trying to make sure mining doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Prepping for the Boom
Shane Iverson, KYUK – Bethel
The area around the Donlin Creek proposed mine in the Kuskokwim region is being explored by major multi-national companies. Local opinion on mining activity is divided, but most agree now is the time to learn more about it. KYUK’s Shane Iverson spoke with locals Mike William, Sr. of the Alaska Inter-tribal Council, Noah Andrews, Sr., Rose Kalistok and Cougar Gold representative Peter Drobek.

Mining Tools: The Gold Pan
Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage
In the first of 3 segments, recreational mining enthusiast Steve Herschbach of Alaska Mining and Diving Supply explains how to use a gold pan.

  • Break: “Fields of Gold” by Robert Tardik from Without Words

Boogie Down in Pelican
Scott Burton, AK – Juneau
The 10th Annual Pelican Boardwalk Boogie took place Memorial Day weekend. Locals like Richard and Tami Lundahl and Karen Stepanankle say it brings lots of people and cash, but organizer Collette Costa says the original intent was pure entertainment.

Music Button: “Sorry I Let You Down” by the Wilders, live at Pelican’s Boardwalk Boogie Festival

Essence of Cash
Anne Hillman, KIAL – Unalaska
Single mom Amber Webb is selling lotions, potions and sex toys for the “Essence of Romance” company in Dillingham — to help people become more comfortable with their sexuality and to bring in a little cash.

  • Calendar of Events (“Working in the Coal Mine” by Booker T and the MG’s from And Now!)

300 Villages

Mining Tools: The Sluice Box
Steve Herschbach shows Annie Feidt how to use a sluice box and it’s more sophisticated cousin, the suction dredge.

  • Break: “Gold Rush” by Todd Taylor from 3-five-N

Mining Tools: The Metal Detector
Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage
These things are so specialized they can tell the gold from a buried soda can, and find gold the size of a pin-head.

The Recreational Boom
Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage
Steve Herschbach’s business is booming; he tries to tell customers how hard it is to actually find gold, but they can’t get rid of gold fever.

  • Music Button: “All that Glitters is not Gold” by Dinah Shore from 16 Most Requested Songs – Encore!

Listen to the Elders: Madeline Notti
Phillip Blanchett
In this segment from Koahnic Broadcast Corporation’s ‘Listen to the Elders” series, Madeline Notti recounts her family’s history of gold mining.

Assay Me This
Ellen Lockyer, AK – Anchorage
An assayer’s job is to assess the purity of gold and ther precious metals. There were once dozens of offices around Alaska, including one at Knik being investigated by Fran Seager-Boss of the Mat-Su Borough. Now, Oxford Assaying (www.oxfordmetals.com) is one of the only ones left. Ellen Lockyer paid a visit to co-owners Toni Logan Goodrich and Gene Pool.

  • Closing: “Heart of Gold (Karaoke Version)” from Karaoke Boys from the 70’s and 80’s, Part I