Diversity Dialogue: Who are we as a community?

Dialogue participants and audience watch a video on racism in Anchorage before the discussion begins

On April 28, 2008, Anchorage residents and organizations concerned about instances of racism and anti-diversity occurring in the city held the first in what will become a series of dialogues and events. The dialogue took place on a Monday evening at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church on the city’s east side.

Ellsworth Alexander James, Ph.D., served as facilitator and the 11 panelists represented various religious, ethnic, racial groups, along with two members dealing with disability and gender-based stereotyping. As created by Dr. James, the format consisted of four general topics on racism and diversity, each with a series of supporting questions. Each phase concludes with questions and comments from audience members.

Today, KSKA presents Part 1 of this four-part dialogue: “Who are we as a community?”

  • Panelists in order of response: Jose DelReal, Lamin Jobarteh and Erick Cordero Giorgana

FACILITATOR: Dr. Ellsworth James, Ph.D

  • Dr. Ellsworth James has 15 years of experience in the field of Industrial Psychology and Social Research. He is a senior partner in the consulting group, James, Velox and James, www.jvjresearch.com. Previously Dr. James worked in Berlin, Germany as a senior partner at Psychological Consultants, International, where he developed communications and cultural diversity training programs for multi-national corporations in Europe and Asia. He has continued his work in cultural genetics and environmental trauma as well as lecturing on subjects such as Cultural Genetics, Traditional Grief, Intergenerational Trauma and Diversity Management Strategies. Dr. James is a National NAACP member and the Educational Chair for the Anchorage branch of the NAACP. He has been married for 17 years and has three children.


  • Heather Arnett, President, YWCA
  • Fr. Fred Bugarin, St. Anthony Church
  • Rex Butler, Attorney
  • Erick Cordero Giorgana, Hispanic Affairs Council of Alaska
  • Jose DelReal, Intern at Mayor’s Office & Junior at East High School
  • Kato-Kakala Ha’unga, UAA Trio Program
  • Alice Hisamoto, UAA AHIANA Program
  • Lynne Korral, Diversity Advisory Commission & Vice-President, Alaska Independent Blind
  • Lamin Jobarteh, President, Islamic Community Center of Anchorage
  • Mary Marks, former Anchorage School Board Member
  • Rabbi Michael Oblath, Congregation Beth Shalom

RECORDED: April 28, 2008 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church


In an effort to undermine instances of racism and anti-diversity in Anchorage, the city will host a series of dialogues and events. The first event in the series took place on April 28, 2008 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Anchorage. Guided by a trained facilitator, a panel and the audience considered questions like, As a community, where are we? Where are we going? What can you, the citizen, do to improve understanding and acceptance? KSKA’s Len Anderson attends the events and shares them with you online at KSKA.org. Sponsored by the Mayor’s Office and UAA, all events are free and open to the public. Go to the Municipality of Anchorage’s Diversity homepage to find out about the next scheduled event.