Stage Talk: Merrow / Outside the Lines

Saturday night at Out North, Joan Cullinane and Morgan Hobkirk reprise there works Merrow and Outside the Lines as a benefit for Off the Rocks, a non-profit theatre program working with Akeela House to help women dealing with alcoholism and substance abuse issues. Using drama as therapy, the women of the Akeela House will perform a show in December written for them by local playwright and director, Shatzie Schaeffers. On Stage Talk this week, Cullinane discusses how she uses drama as therapy as an actress in Merrow and Schaeffers as a playwright for Off the Rocks.

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  • Mark Muro, actor and theatre critic
  • Jean Paal, theatre critic


  • Joan Cullinane, actress and drama therapist, Merrow
  • Shatzie Schaeffers, playwright, Off the Rocks

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: Fri, Aug. 22, 2008 at 1:30 p.m.

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