AK: Sarah Palin, Revisited

This week we take another look at Governor — and now Vice-Presidential candidate — Sarah Palin. When our show first aired in February 2008, talk of Palin for VP seemed like wild speculation. Now that she IS the Republican nominee, we’ll revisit that show: the kudos and critiques from Alaskans and the interview with the Governor herself.

Lots of Sarah Palin and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

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Original Broadcast: February 2, 2008
Updated Broadcast: August 30, 2008

Original Host: Rebecca Sheir
Update Host: Jessica Cochran

A brief history of Governor Sarah Palin, nee Sarah Louise Heath, from her birth in 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho, to her journalism degree at the University of Idaho, to her two-term stint on the Wasilla City Council and as Wasilla’s mayor.

The Palin Phenom
AK’s Scott Burton spoke with former governor Wally Hickel, and pollsters Dave Dittman and Ivan Moore, to find out why Sarah Palin’s approval ratings are so sky high.

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Critiquing the Gov
Jessica Cochran, AK
In spite of the Governor’s stellar approval ratings, there are some pretty fervent critics out there, like Representative Bill Thomas, Ketchikan Gateway Borough mayor Joe Williams and former legislator Andrew Halcro.

Ode to Sarah
Leave it to folks in the state capital to be cynical about the new Governor right from the get-go. The Empty Oil Barrel Band came up with this song just a few months after she took office. Here they are, performing at the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau last April (2007).

  • Break: “The Governor” performed by Melvin Sparks from What You Hear Is What You Get

If I Could Meet the Candidates
The Alaska state caucuses are Super Tuesday, but are people taking our role in the national election seriously? Sure, Barack Obama — and Ron Paul — have opened offices in the state, but the closest we’ve come to an actual candidate was a visit from one of Mitt Romney’s sons. If Tonei Glavinic of the Alaska Teen Media Institute could get closer, he knows what he’d do.

300 Villages

Othello in Alaska
Rebecca Sheir, AK
Lovers of The Bard won’t want to miss Othello, at Cyrano’s Off-Center Playhouse in Anchorage this month. AK host Rebecca Sheir speaks with director David Edgecombe about his production’s special Alaskan twist.

Where the Fins Meet the Frets
Jeff Brown, KTOO – Juneau
Governor’s Award for the Humanities winner Ray Troll is well-known for his graphic art. Now he’s making the jump into music. His debut CD, “Where the Fins Meet the Frets,” comes out in March.

Awww, shucks…
Wherein Palin expresses humility at the idea of being the VP nominee, 6 months before the fact.

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Sarah Says It All
Governor Sarah Palin speaks with AK host Rebecca Sheir about her first year in office. (You can find an extended version of this interview here.)

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Sarah P. for VP – February 2008
Rebecca Sheir, AK
Google “Sarah Palin,” and you come up with hundreds of thousands of hits, including cyber-ruminations from DC Gossip queen Wonkette, the feisty fan site Palintology.com, and a page titled simply: “Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President.” AK host Rebecca Sheir speaks with its founder, University of Colorado senior Adam Brickley.

Sarah P. for VP – August 29, 2008
Jessica Cochran, AK
We follow up with Adam Brickley; he’s thrilled, and still has confidence in Palin.

Alaskans React to Palin VP Choice
Reactions from Alaskans including Palin’s mother-in-law, Republican convention delegate Kim Skipper and Bethel resident Gary Vannasse.

A Tribute Song
Dave Stancliffe, Tok

  • Closing: “Que Sera Sera” performed by Tony Evans and His Orchestra from The Ultimate Viennese Waltz Collection