Hurricane Gustav abbreviates RNC and NPR special coverage

While special coverage from the Republican National Convention was set to begin tonight at 6:00 PM, the potentially devastating Hurricane Gustav has led the GOP to “tone down the event.” Consequently, NPR has suspended special coverage from the RNC in Minneapolis tonight.

On All Things Considered at 4:00 PM, they’ll check-in on the Gulf Coast, survey the damage caused by today’s storm and speak with evacuees anxious to go back home. Scheduled to speak at tonight’s RNC kickoff, ATC will also cover speeches given by Laura Bush and Cindy McCain, which will largely focus on Hurricane Gustav and aid efforts. KSKA will resume its Monday schedule starting at 6:00 with Alaska New Nightly. Currently, there is still no word on whether the 2008 RNC will resume normal business tomorrow. Listen for updates tomorrow during Morning Edition on KSKA from 3:00 AM – 8:00 AM. A haunting flashback to Katrina – three years and three days ago today, Hurricane Gustav reminds us of the resilience and resurrection of one our nation’s richest cities. Rebuild. Restore. ReNew Orleans!