AK: Prepping for Winter

This week on AK we’re getting ready for winter. We’ll tag along as Alaskans stock their freezer with fish and blueberries. We’ll hunt for firewood, and meet one man’s pet wood stove: Princess. Plus the environmental effects of increased wood burning and we look at a new fire safety game.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

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Host: Scott Burton

Whither the Weather
AK’s Jessica Cochran
National Weather Service scientist Gary Hufford predicts a warmer than usual winter, with normal precipitation: could mean more slush and freezing rain.

Blueberry Memories
Ann Boochever, Commentary
Juneau teacher Ann Boochever remembers a blueberry picking trip with her family.

Fish To Freezer
AK’s Scott Burton, Story
Processors like Horst Schram of Horst Seafoods help Alaskans package up their fish and game so it will stay tasty for a long time.

AK’s Jessica Cochran
The state is helping people makes their homes more energy efficient. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Sherrie Simmonds says $30 million has been approved for the weatherization program and 2,500 audits have been done under and energy rebate program.

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Firewood Frenzy
Jay Marble, Story
What many urban dwellers consider a luxury, many Alaskans experience as one way to stay warm. Jay Marble finds that some Prince of Wales Islanders are passionate about their woodstoves.

Firewood Health
AK’s Scott Burton, Story
Wood smoke may smell nice, but there are health impacts — for people and the forest. Scott Burton talks to Clint Farr and Alice Edwards of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Bill Leighty and others about the environmental impacts of burning wood.

300 Villages
Central (north of Fairbanks)
Buckland (south of Kotzebue)

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Tree Count
AK’s Ellen Lockyer, Story
The Municipality of Anchorage is a “Tree City, USA” designee, and now the city has started a three-year program to assess the health and safety of all its publicly-owned trees. Ellen Lockyer speaks with tree expert Jim Flott and city park superintendent Monique Anderson.

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Proposition 2
AK’s Ellen Lockyer, Story
Subsistence harvesters in Game Unit 19D are rejoicing this year because it is the first hunt in years on their home turf. Donnie Fleagle credits the state’s predator control program with bringing back the moose and says she’s glad that ballot measure 2, which would have restricted predator control, didn’t pass in this summer’s Primary election. Ellen Lockyer speaks with Fleagle and with Alaska Fish & Game’s Kim Titus and Tom Paragi.

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Fire Safety
AK’s Jessica Cochran
A new computer game called Raven Island helps teach kids about fire safety. The state’s Jodi Hettrick says its being launched for fire safety month.

Hoonah Fire
AK contributor Ann Kaiser, Audio Postcard
Old timers in Hoonah remember a devastating fire that almost destroyed the village in May 1944. We hear from Carl and Geneveve Greenwold, Mamie and Carol Williams and others in Hoonah about the disaster and efforts to rebuild the village.

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