Algo Nuevo: Sept. 28, 2008

Here’s the music playlist from the September 28, 2008 edition of Algo Nuevo — Something New.If you have questions, comments or music requests for host Dave Luera, send e-mail to algonuevo [at] kska [dot] org or post your comment at the bottom of this post.

All tracks played are listed below in the following format:

  • Song Title
  • Artist Name
  • Album Title

La Pecosita
Oiga Compadre

Una pagina mas
Liberty Band
Life is good

Amar como tea me
Bryan Olivas
Solo Tuyo

No le hace que seas casada
Jodie Frias Y Increible
Mas de lo que merecias

Mil Razones
Nina Bonita

Un engano mas
Rio Rami
A touch of old school

China de los ojos negros
No debes Llorar

Anillo de compromise
Quiero Mas

The Night Riders.
KANW Oldies Vol 1