AK: Buried Treasure

This week we go searching for buried treasure — from the secrets revealed by archaeological digs to the not-so-welcome secrets hidden in hundreds of shipwreck sites off Alaska waters. We’ll find fool’s gold and real gold, too. Plus, re-burying a treasure from the past and unearthing a gem of a singer.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

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Host: Jessica Cochran

On Your Knees Cave
AK Contributor Jay Marble, Story
The “On your Knees Cave” on Prince of Wales Island has provided lots of clues about the animals who lived on the island in earlier times, researched by people like Jeff Heaton of the University of South Dakota. Now one clue has been returned: the remains of a human found there.

Aleutian Archaeology
KUCB’s Anne Hillman, Story
The Aleutian Islands are rich with archaeological finds, and major digs have unearthed information about the early Alaska Natives who have lived there for nine thousand years. But some say there’s still more to learn.

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Ellen’s Grenade
AK’s Ellen Lockyer, Commentary
Lockyer once found an unusual object while digging a flower bed in her garden. A WWII vintage hand grenade.

APRN’s Lori Townsend, Story
Military and other shipwrecks have left some unwelcome stuff in Alaska waters. Diver Steve Lloyd, who found the “Aleutian” steamship that sank in 1929, says it’s seeping bunker oil.

300 Villages
Goodnews Bay
Kenny Lake

Aqueduct Trail
AK’s Scott Burton, Story
The old Treadwell Ditch, a flume that brought water to Juneau’s Treadwell Mine, has great historic value, and a recreational trail that runs beside it is popular with hikers like Francis Still. The Juneau group Trail Mix is trying to decide how to fix up the trail – and some would like more development.

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Fool’s Gold
AK’s Ellen Lockyer, Story
Commonplace and almost worthless pyrite is often confused with gold. Ellen Lockyer speaks with geologists Dwight Bradley and Jeannine Schmidt about the similarities and differences between pyrite, often called fool’s gold, and real gold.

Pebble Mine
AK’s Bonnie Sue Hitchcock, Story
The proposed Pebble Mine is a volatile issue in Alaska. In August, state voters turned down a ballot proposition that was aimed at restricting mines in Alaska. Hitchcock speaks with Travis Rumell and Ben Knight, the producers of the documentary “Red Gold”, which seeks to educate people about the Pebble Mine.

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Marian Call
APRN’s Lori Townsend, Interview
Anchorage’s Marian Call is making a name for herself as a singer and songwriter. Call is heading to points South on tour to promote her career. And she’ll be travelling in a converted bus. Townsend interviews Call about the bus.

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