Police issue scam alert over false Walmart survey

Yesterday, the Anchorage Police Department became aware of an e-mail, credit card scam involving a false Walmart satisfaction survey.

The e-mail message begins with “You have been selected to access the Walmart 2 Steps and Survey and win a $150 gift certificate.” The victim then clicks a link to a false website. After filling out a phoney survey, the victims are asked to list their credit card number, expiration date, verification value and PIN, supposedly so the $150 can be credited to their accounts. Armed with that credit card information, the scam artists can raid the victims’ accounts. The manager of the Anchorage midtown Walmart told police that the store never sends out e-mail requests soliciting confidential credit card information.

If you receive this e-mail or any other suspicious, unsolicited e-mails asking for personal information, please report them at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. That’s the official website for reporting online crime.