AK: Best of Show (Nov 2008)

For the holiday weekend we’re wrapping up some of the best AK stories in recent memory and presenting them to you as a gift. Enjoy AK statewide on local APRN stations or play it / download it right here.

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Host: Ellen Lockyer

Latin Dancers – Story
John Ryan says goodbye to Salsa dance instructors Antonio Diaz and Heather Hoagland as they head to Peru, leaving behind some Juneau dancers, like Doug Sandvik, who have learned some pretty fancy Latino dance moves of their own.

Wild Alaska Air – Humor
The guys at Crab Bait Radio are at it again, with a thrill ride of happy landings in Southeast’s stormy weather. Matt Lichtenstein and Joe Viechnicki wrote and voiced this comedy spot.

300 Villages
Cooper Landing

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Betty MacDonald – Host interview
Former AK host Rebecca Sheir speaks with Betty MacDonald, who spent a half decade in Alaska, singing, teaching and just generally making Alaska a better place.

  • Music Button: “In The Mood” Big Band Classics “Thanks for the Memories”

Sea Otter Jones – Story
Robert “Sea Otter” Jones was one determined US Fish and Wildlife Service guy. He was the first resident manager of the old Aleutian Maritime Wildlife Refuge after World War II and he brought the Aleutian Canada goose back from the edge of extinction. Did it all while zipping from one island to another in a 12 foot dory. AK’s Ellen Lockyer interviews Jones’ son Chuck Jones and colleague Vern Byrd.

Just Playin Jazz – Story
“JPJ,” they call themselves, and they are playing the music of their granddaddies. These middle and high school musicians from Palmer and Wasilla are playing the jazz music of the nineteen forties, and making it fresh and relevant to a whole new generation. Ellen Lockyer speaks with bandleader Hank Hartman and a few of the crew, Dylan Bryant, Ben Ellis and Alicia Kaer.

  • Break: “The Pearl of Pearl, Kentucky” Jim Hurst, from Oasis Acoustic Vol. VI

Two Moms – Story
AK’s Scott Burton speaks with partners Jennifer Shapland and Martha Murray about raising two children, one adopted, as a lesbian couple.

Patsy’s Grandkids – Interview
Former AK host Rebecca Sheir visits with Patsi Parker and her two grandchildren at home. Parker adopted her own grandchildren when family circumstances required the arrangement.

  • Music Button: “I Will” Alison Krause

Singing in the Choirs – Story
Anchorage’s growing population is attracting cultures from all over the world. In the Roman Catholic Church tradition, choirs have a place in the liturgy, but there is no rule that restricts what kind of choir, or what language. AK’s Ellen Lockyer spends a Sunday morning bringing us choir music from the Phillipines, Mexico, Samoa and good old American traditions.

  • Closing: “Beyond the Sea”