AK: Looking Forward, Part 2

This week we continue our series on Alaska Statehood by wrapping up our exploration of Alaska’s future. We’ll sit down with Alaska’s newest Senator, find out how advanced technology is helping keep things the way they were and try to predict what the fishing industry may look like 50 years from now. Plus, polar bears and rescuing the past.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations.

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Host: Steve Heimel

Future Technology Trade Show
Crab Bait Radio’s Joe Viechnicki and Matt Lichtenstein, skit
The humorists at Crab Bait radio imagine some of the technology we could be using 50 years from now.

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Speaking with the new Senator
APRN’s Libby Casey, Interview
Senator elect Mark Begich sat down with Libby Casey while he was in DC recently to talk about his vision for Alaska’s future — as an air cargo hub, a leader in renewable energy, and the home of vibrant rural communities. He also met with others in DC, including Senator Lisa Murkowski

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A New Constitution?
Johanna Eurich
Every 10 years, Alaskans vote on holding a new convention and writing a new Constitution. One of the original delegates, Vic Fischer, says even if natives are frustrated at being left out of the first one, they might not fare better in a new convention.

Looking Forward
APRN’s Lori Townsend, Story
Native leaders Edward Itta and Willie Hensley hope natives and the state can have a better relationship in the future: they say education is key to getting more Natives involved in state government and resource management.

A New Leader
AK’s Jessica Cochran, Interview
Apayo Moore of the Bristol Bay region will be one of the delegates at the Conference of Young Alaskans in January. She’s worried about the impacts of resource development in her area, and wants rural Alaskans to understand that they now have a lifestyle many people crave.

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AK’s Scott Burton, Story
Improvements in telecommunications — including more fiber optic connection to the lower 48 and possibly rural Alaska — could expand the opportunities in the state for distance education, health delivery, carrying out government functions and economic development.

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Preserving the Past
AK’s Jessica Cochran, Interview
The Archives Rescue Corps hopes to recruit volunteers to identify Alaska’s archive collections, and then provide training to keep them in good shape. Frances Field says we live our history every day — and it’s important to hang on that history.

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The Future of Fishing
Anne Sutton, Story
Experts like Gunnar Knapp and Rick Steiner say the fish harvesters of the future will need to be more in tune with the environment and management to stay competitive — and despite objections, fish farms may be a more energy efficient way to produce fish in the future.

Plight of the Polar Bear
APRN’s Annie Feidt, Story
Fifty years from now, there may not be any polar bears left in Alaska: global warming and melting sea ice are causing them problems. But they aren’t the only Alaskan animal that may disappear: lots of marine mammals are at risk.

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