Sitka Grand Jury Indicts Woman on Murder Charges

A Sitka grand jury has indicted a woman on murder charges, some 22 years after the crime allegedly took place. 45-year-old Jane Limm faces charges of first degree murder and tampering with evidence in the death of her then-husband Scott Coville. According to the indictment, Coville died on or about April 12, 1988 – what would have been his 26th birthday. Limm, who was 24 when the crime took place, is charged with killing Coville and disposing of the body. The case is being prosecuted by assistant attorney general and cold-case prosecutor Pat Gullufsen. Gullufsen says Coville’s body has never been recovered, and that authorities know Limm’s whereabouts.

Ed Ronco, KCAW – Sitka

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