Mackey and King Battling as They Reach Norton Sound

Lance Mackey and Jeff King continue battling to reach Nome first.

Mackey and King were out of Shaktoolik and making their towards Norton Sound. Mackey had about an hour head start out Shaktoolik with 12 dogs. King had 13.

Other mushers of interest (and the number of dogs):

  • Hans Gatt: Out of Shaktoolik. (12)
  • Hugh Neff: In to Shaktoolik. (13)
  • Ken Anderson: Out of Unalakleet. (12)
  • John Baker: Out of Unalakleet. (10)
  • Mitch Seavey: Out of Unalakleet. (10)
  • Sebastian Schnuelle: Out of Unalakleet. (13)
  • Aliy Zirkle: Out of Unalakleet. (12)
  • Martin Buser: Out of Kaltag. (14)
  • Paul Gephardt: Out of Kaltag. (12)
  • DeeDee Jonrowe: Out of Kaltag. (8)
  • Newton Marshall: Out of Galena. (12)

Judy Currier scratched in Galena.

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