Iditarod Field Notes: #6

Blog by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage

Nome —

Remember that line in the Rocky Horror Show where the guy says: “Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab and tremble in anticipation.”

Well, Nome is trembling in anticipation right now.

Downtown, the burled arch is up, the cameras stand ready and someone was testing the town’s scratchy loud speakers on Front Street. They sounded just as scratchy as the last time I was here. Brilliant sunshine adds to the excitement. Spring is on the way and folks have shed their winter cocoons of parka, muffler and heavy boots.

Cabs buzz everywhere and tourists are pouring in.

You can tell them apart from the locals by the newness of their winter outfits. Designer arctic duds. But everyone seems to be having a good time. We talk to a lady from Upstate New York, who is here with her whole family just to see the finish.

Speculation is rife as to when the actual finish will happen. About noon on Tuesday? Earlier? Later? Depends on when the leaders are out of White Mountain, and we will just have to wait. [Lance Mackey reached White Mountain Monday evening – about 8:45.]