Begich Proposes Extending Insurance Coverage for Military Families

The President may have signed a massive Democratic-sponsored health care bill into law last month, but Alaska Senator Mark Begich says Congress must also address the health care needs of military families.

He introduced a bill Wednesday that would extend insurance benefits to children of military families up to age 26.

Children of active-duty and retired military are currently covered by the Tri-Care insurance program until age 21, or 23 if they’re full-time students.

But the health care bill signed into law last month lets adult children stay on their civilian parents’ insurance longer, until age 26 – and Begich, a Democrat, says military families should have the same coverage.

He says the Tri-Care military health insurance plan was separated out of the bigger health care bill, and now military families want to know how the benefits can extend do them.

Begich is a co-sponsor of the Tri-care Dependent Coverage Extension Act, which is also being introduced by a Democrat in the House. If it passes it will bump up the age of kids covered to 26-years old starting on October first.

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

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