Poll Finds Miller’s Number Lagging Behind

Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage

A new poll shows US Senate candidate Joe Miller has a tough road ahead to beat incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary August 24.  The poll found that among likely Republican voters, 62 percent would choose Murkowski and only 30 percent Miller. Fewer than 50 percent of poll respondents even recognized Joe Miller’s name, compared to 98 percent for Murkowski. Ivan Moore research conducted the poll. Moore says those are difficult numbers to turn around.

Miller has the support of the Tea Party Express. The organization has promised to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on radio and TV adds to boost his name recognition in Alaska. Former Governor Sarah Palin has also endorsed Miller. But Moore says it’s not clear how much that will matter. His poll found 40 percent of registered voters viewed Palin favorably, while nearly half had a negative impression of Palin:

Moore says his research company paid for the poll. The poll was conducted earlier this month and included 650 registered voters in the state.

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