US Senate Honors Stevens

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

The US Senate convened this morning to honor former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, who died in Monday’s plane crash near Dillingham.  Only two senators were on hand because their August recess started last week.  Senate leadership called the special session Wednesday to introduce a resolution honoring Stevens and a border security bill.

Senate chaplain Barry Black opened the brief morning session with a prayer.

The two senators present this morning were Democratic Senators Ben Cardin of Maryland and New York’s Chuck Schumer.

The five-page resolution lists Stevens’ accomplishments, from his World War Two service to the legislation he crafted in the Senate.

Schumer was the senator on-hand speaking this morning because he’s a proponent of the border security bill also on the docket.  But he said he was remembering Ted Stevens this week – as was the leader of the Senate, Harry Reid of Nevada.

Senator Cardin gaveled out this morning’s session with a final tribute to Stevens.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski crafted the resolution honoring her former colleague and friend.  She’s in Alaska this week.  Members of the senate can submit written statements for the official record, and senate leadership says they’ll be able to make speeches on the floor honoring Ted Stevens when they return to Washington in September.

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