Kids These Days!: Tuesday, August 31

Kids These Days! is a brand new show debuting tomorrow on KSKA! Tune in at 2pm (or at 7pm) tomorrow to hear the debut show – “Babes in the Woods” – all about getting outside with your children. Host Shana Sheehy speaks with in-studio guest, Jen Aist, author of Babes in the Woods: Hiking, Camping and Boating With Babies and Young Children. Jen answers listeners’ questions about the best hiking trails for youngsters, gives tips on how to keep your kids progressing up the trail and talks about camping with babies.

Jessica Cochran contributes a piece on the Children & Nature Network and what they are doing to get kids outdoors, as well as filing a story about her own family camping trip this summer. Producer Sarah Gonzales speaks with Alaska Geographic and the Forest Service about the Chugach Children’s Forest.

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