Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Walker, Pebble Mine

Len Anderson, KSKA – Anchorage

The Gubernatorial candidates faced off yesterday at an Anchorage business luncheon. Both Republican Sean Parnell and Democrat Ethan Berkowitz were pressed on the issue of another matter – the race for U.S. Senate, now involving the write-in campaign of primary loser Lisa Murkowski. Berkowitz said he could work with either Democrat Scott McAdams or write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski – not mentioning Joe Miller. Parnell found a way to endorse Miller without mentioning his name.

There is also a potential write-in bid by Bill Walker now for Governor.

Sean Parnell had little comment on that issue.

And Berkowitz, who has courted Walker’s endorsement, said he would also welcome him into the race.

The issue of the proposed Pebble Mine came up. Parnell said it was premature to make a judgment on it because there was not yet a development plan on the table.

Berkowitz is already on record as opposing the Pebble Mine.  He says the state’s permitting system is not adequate.

With endangered species brought up, Parnell took up his repeated theme of opposing the federal government because the policies of the Obama administration are costing the state jobs.

Berkowitz called Parnell too quick to sue.

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