Bill Honoring Ted Stevens Signed into Law

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

Monday, President Obama signed into law a bill honoring the late Ted Stevens by gracing a mountain and ice field with his name.

The Mount Stevens and Ted Stevens Ice-field Designation Act was sponsored by Alaska’s Congressional delegation and passed both houses of Congress last month.

The U.S. Geological Place Names Board now has 30 days to christen them.

The soon-to-be Mount Stevens is a 13,895 foot peak in Denali National Park south of Mount McKinley.  It’s been known locally as South Hunter Peak.  The Ted Stevens Ice-Field will cover the northern and eastern half of the Chugach Mountains, an area that’s the foundation for the Harvard, Matanuska, Columbia and many other Southcentral glaciers.

Stevens died Aug. 9 when his plane crashed in Southwest Alaska. He was 86-years-old, and had served Alaska in the Senate for 40 years before losing reelection in 2008.  Three weeks ago he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery and given full military honors for his service in Worth War Two.

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