Kids These Days!: October 19

Tuesday, October 19 at 2pm

In-Studio Guest: It’s PFD season and with every adult and child in Alaska $1281 wealthier, KTD! thought it the perfect time to take a look at raising financially-fit children. Host Shana Sheehy speaks with guest, Neale S. Godfrey, money expert, New York Times bestselling author, frequent Oprah guest and founder of The Children’s Financial Network. She shares her excellent advice on saving for college, recommends how to structure allowances and offers smart investing strategies that will benefit the whole family.

Featured Stories: Teens & Money –The Youth Hiring Center helps clients to discover their career potential and offers free certification training in high-growth job fields like healthcare and construction – all while teens are still enrolled in high school. Sarah Gonzales spoke with both career guides and teens about how they’re getting a leg up on their futures.

Teenagers are learning how to manage their money at Bank Within East, a Wells Fargo branch at East High School; Jessica Cochran reports on these students who are earning school credit while also gaining a financial education.

Teen correspondent, Aviva Hirsch, asked her peers at West High School how they will spend (or save) their PFDs this year.

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