Kids These Days!: October 26

Tuesday, October 26 at 2pm and 7pm


In-Studio Guest: Social networking, smart phones, the internet and instant messaging have always been a part of the modern kid’s world. All this digital distraction can seriously cut into family time – and, it’s not only kids who are guilty of too much “screen time” these days. Today, KTD! explores the challenges (and the benefits!) of raising a modern family in these high-tech times with guest, Anne Collier the founder and editor of Net Family News, co-director of and the co-chair of the presidential administration’s Online Safety & Technology Working Group.

Featured Stories: While computers are a daily staple in many modern schools, not all institutions are incorporating technology into their curricula. Jessica Cochran visited the Waldorf School in Anchorage where education gets unplugged.

New contributor, Paul Flahive, reports on the coolest apps for kids, and speaks to a tech blogger about the emerging app market for children.

Local writer and mother of two, Leslie Hsu Oh, shares an original essay on the ups and downs of raising what, she calls, “Techno Addicts”. Leslie joins KTD! as a new guest blogger on beginning next week.

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