Parnell Asks for Resignations from Palin Appointees

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

Wednesday, Governor Sean Parnell took the first steps in creating his own administration that will be different from what he inherited when Sarah Palin quit last year.  It is the same step taken when one governor takes over from another – and, since it didn’t take place when Palin left office, it could indicate a noticeable break from the past.

He is asking for resignations from all Palin appointees – at the cabinet level, division directors and agency heads.  Parnell says they can re-apply for the jobs and he will consider the applications, but indicated that some will likely be rejected.

Parnell says he is asking for recommendations on the structure of the administration as well.    New governors usually review the work of various departments under their control.  But Parnell is looking for an interdepartmental review centered on the topics that each department deals with.   These vary, with one working group dealing with Energy and the Environment, another on Health and Education, still another on Public Safety.  There are six overlapping topics in all — each with its own group of external reviewers.

He says government can always improve.

The transition will be headed by Bryan Butcher, currently the director of government relations for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.   Parnell says he expects to receive the reports in December.

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