Kids These Days! Nov 30

Tuesday, November 30 at 2pm and 7pm

IN-STUDIO GUEST: Leslie Shallcross, a registered dietician and Professor with UAF Cooperative Extension Service’s Health, Home and Family Development program joins host, Shana Sheehy, to speak to us about teaching children to have healthy eating habits and she answers a slew of caller questions.

FEATURED STORIES: Local growers like Glacier Valley and Lunachick Farms produce and supply fresh vegetables, dairy and meat throughout the state. Jessica Cochran paid a visit to these growers, and also to Organic Alaska, to learn more about local, sustainable farming in Alaska.

The Foodbank of Alaska, located in Anchorage, is the anti-hunger system for the state, distributing 6 million pounds of food annually. Sarah Gonzales dropped by to learn about their work and also, the ways that Alaskans can help feed other Alaskans this holiday season. Local anti-hunger activist, Kokayi Nosahere, also weighs in on the topic and tells about his By 2015 America campaign.

Teen contributor Aviva Hirsch asked her peers at West High School what they eat and where they go for lunch.

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