Kids These Days! – Dec 14

Tuesday, December 14 at 2pm and 7pm


IN-STUDIO GUESTS: Mental health is how humans of all ages think, feel and act, and when there is something wrong, everyone deserves compassionate and competent care, especially children. What mental health services does Alaska currently offer, how can families and children get connected with these services and how do we treat our youngest members of society who are suffering from mental or behavioral health issues?

To discuss these questions, host Shana Sheehy is joined by guests: Mary Dallas Allen, Asst. Professor at the UAA School of Social Work and researcher on the topic of children’s mental health; Dee Foster, Director of Family Services at Anchorage Community Mental Health Services; and Allen Blair, Clinical Director and counselor at Denali Family Services.

FEATURED STORIES: Contributor Jessica Cochran reports on the AK Departtment of Health & Social Services’ Bring the Kids Home project which seeks to return to Alaska those children who are being treated for mental health issues out-of-state.

As part of a larger continuum of early childhood mental health services, thread Alaska is training childcare providers how to properly work with special needs children ages birth to 5 years. Producer, Sarah Gonzales, spoke with thread’s CEO, Stephanie Berglund, about the Early Childhood Consultation Project.

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