Energy Authority Recommends Dam for Susitna

Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage

The Alaska Energy Authority’s board of directors made it official on Wednesday.  Karston Rodvik,  AEA’s project manager for external affairs,  says five board members attended the six-minute meeting.  The move formally approves the November 23rd Railbelt Large Hydro Evaluation Preliminary Decision document recommending the lower Watana Dam project on the Susitna River. Rodvik said AEA was looking at two hydro projects, one at Lake Chakachamna on the western side of Cook Inlet, the other at the Susitna River site. Earlier this year, the state Legislature provided funding for preliminary planning, design and field work to evaluate and examine the proposed projects. Rodvik says indications are that the Susitna project has a better chance of being built Rodvik says the Susitna project fits state goals of producing 50 percent of Alaska’s power through renewable sources by 2025.

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