Kids These Days! – Jan 4

Tuesday, January 4 at 2pm and 7pm


IN-STUDIO GUESTS: Happy New Year! As we embark upon another year and celebrate all the possibilites that each new January brings, KTD! thought it the perfect time to present a program about birth. To discuss the different birthing options available to expecting families we’re joined by Dr. Glen Elrod, a Wasilla-based OB/GYN, and two midwives: Jessica Sawyer from Mat-Su Midwifery and Lisa Weston of the Alaska Native Medical Center and the Southcentral Foundation.

FEATURED STORIES: Producer Sarah Gonzales attended the birth of her niece, Julia Paz, last November. Her sister, Jamie and Julia’s dad, Matt share their candid thoughts on what its like to bring baby home for the first time, share parenting responsibilities and deal with a serious lack of sleep.

Many women giving birth will spend more time with the labor and delivery nurses at the hospital than with their doctor. Hilkka Bold has worked as an “L&D” nurse at Providence Hospital on and off since 1999. She spent some time with contributor Jessica Cochran explaining what it’s all about.

Dr. Mark Erickson spoke with host Shana Sheehy about the Southcentral Foundation’s New Generations initiative, an effort to provide quality, wrap-around care for mothers before and after birth. He cites research suggesting links between breastfeeding and reduced incidence of child maltreatment; and about how a positive birth experience can help at-risk mothers bond with and nurse their newborns.

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