Disaster Response Team Due to Assess Lingering Damage in Savoonga

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage

It’s unclear if the disaster response team was able to fly out from Nome to Savoonga yet today, weather has been delaying their departure. State Division of Homeland Security spokesman Jeremy Zidek says once they arrive, the four-person team will meet with local leaders and inspect damage.

Zidek says the main problem now is frozen water and sewer lines. He says the work that goes into making a disaster declaration determination is complicated and involves looking at what needs are not being met by other types of revenue.

Zidek says community officials have also asked for assistance managing the ongoing emergency management response.

He says emergency supplies from the Red Cross and others has helped meet the needs for residents there and some regular service has returned.

Zidek says it’s expected the team will be in Savoonga for at least a few days.

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