Galena Deals With Aftermath of Fire Claiming School Shop Facility

Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks

Galena is dealing with the aftermath of a weekend fire that burned a school shop facility. Sidney Huntington School Assistant Superintendent Chris Reitan says the two-story building, and a lot of valuable shop equipment and supplies, were lost.

Reitan says local fire fighters and other responders who fought the Saturday night fire were able to pull some tools and materials from one bay of the workshop before the entire building was consumed.  Firefighters were also successful in keeping flames from reaching the main school building nearby. Reitan says the shop classes will have to be squeezed into the other buildings, and make use of remaining tools and supplies. He says the community is taking a positive view given the situation.

Reitan says the cause of the fire is unknown but fire marshals are investigating. The building is insured for $500,000, an amount Reitan estimates is a little less than replacement cost.  The Sidney Huntington School is one of two in Galena.  The Yukon River community is also home to a boarding school, the Galena Interior Learning Academy.  The schools share facilities and some high school students attend classes on both campuses. Reitan says the fire affects many of the 260 kids who attend the Galena city schools.

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