Harsh Sentence Falls on Wasilla Man Convicted of Illegal Guiding

A District Court Judge has sentenced a Wasilla Lodge owner to jail time, heavy fines, confiscations and banned him from ever guiding again in Alaska.

On Friday in Anchorage, Kurt Lepping appeared before District Court Judge Catherine Easter for sentencing on 23 misdemeanor counts involving fish and game violations. Lepping was convicted in December of a series of illegal guiding incidents, bear baiting and taking Red Salmon from a lake where it was prohibited. The acts extended over four years. The owner of Alaska Lakeside Lodge had previously lost his guiding privileges for federal infractions in 2002. But according to his convictions, had continued guiding anyway.

Judge Easter, who called him a ‘worst offender,” said the earlier punishment had had no effect on Lepping’s behavior nor at 55 year’s of age, did she think “rehabilitation” likely.

Len Anderson, KSKA – Anchorage

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