Top-10 Yukon Quest Teams Back on Trail

Emily Schwing & Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks

The top-10 teams in the Yukon Quest are back on the trail following mandatory 36-hour layovers at the race’s halfway point in Dawson City.  Race leader Hugh Neff and his 13 dogs hit the trail at 3:35 this morning.  They were followed out by Hans Gatt, Ken Anderson, Brent Sass, Sebastian Schnuelle, Allen Moore, Wade Mars and Dallas Seavy.  Neff had a 2 hour 41 minute lead on Gatt who is also running 13 dogs.

The quest trail is a long haul for dogs and mushers.  Hydration and calorie intake are supremely important for dogs, but as KUAC’s Emily Schwing reports from Dawson, food and drink are also key to mushers.

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