Kids These Days! – March 1

Tuesday, March 1 at 2pm and 7pm


Today sees the beginning of March which brings with it The Last Great Race, inspiring fascination in people of all ages, each year. But did you know that the Iditarod also inspires classroom lessons in math, geography, science, reading, technology and much more, all over the world? Diane Johnson, Education Director for the Iditarod Trail Committee and Herb Brambley, the 2010 Target Teacher on the Trail, share the many lessons from the trail.

Sneak a peek now! On – Herb shares his personal photos from the 2010 Iditarod and talks about how he was chosen to be TOTT.

Plus, a Jr. Iditarod musher gets ready to race; STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) in the schools; the best places to celebrate the start with your family!

Tune in to KSKA-FM Tuesday, March 1 at 2pm or 7pm to listen. As always, you can hear the full show, see pictures and listen to additional clips at where you can also leave your comments about this program.

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