House Approves Continuing Resolution, Extending Spending for Two Weeks

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC

The U.S. House voted 335 to 91 on a continuing resolution to keep the federal government going without the appropriations bills having been passed.  Representative Don Young joined most of his Republican colleagues to vote for the measure, which does involve reductions in spending but only extends spending for two weeks.  It gets rid of nearly $3 billion in earmarks, and more than a half-billion dollars in highway aid money.  It also cuts funding for broadband subsidies and education programs the Obama Administration deems disposable.

House Democrats tried to pass a motion that would end subsidies for oil companies, but it failed with all Republicans voting no.  Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer angrily called taxpayers’ subsidizing of the very wealthy oil industry “madness.”  Alaska’s Congressional delegation is fighting the Democrats’ and President’s effort to throw out the subsidies, saying it would be bad for companies that do business in the state.

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