Kids These Days! – March 8

Tuesday, March 8 at 2pm and 7pm


When families with children fall apart the legal system will most likely become involved to help sort out the details of divorce, child custody, visitation and support. So how does family law work here in Alaska? What’s the first step (and subsequent steps) to take when seeking legal assistance? Today on Kids These Days! – tune in to learn about the basics of Alaska Family Law as Steve Pradell, a local attorney and author of The Alaska Family Law Handbook, joins Shana Sheehy in the studio.

Plus, affordable legal resources available to Alaskans who are in need of assistance;a  report on minors who seek emancipation; and a new feature “Ask KTD” debuts to discuss helping kids through divorce.

Tune in to KSKA-FM Tuesday, March 8 at 2pm or 7pm to listen. As always, you can hear the full show, see pictures and listen to additional clips at where you can also leave your comments about this program.

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