Kids These Days – March 22

Tuesday, March 22 at 2pm and 7pm


In reponse to the tragic and destructive events in Japan, we are re-broadcasting January 18’s program on Emergency Preparedness for Alaskan Families.

If the “big one” hit Alaska today how ready would your household be? Is your emergency kit put together, and will the whole family know what to do or where to go should there be a fire or flood? And how do we explain to children about the bad things that happen in the world like disasters, shootings or war? Merry Carlson, Preparedness Manager for the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for the State of Alaska, and Rick Calcote, Behavioral Health Disaster Response Coordinator for the State of Alaska will be our guests to discuss these questions and more.

For a list of local and statewide emergency prep resources, please visit where the conversation continues 24/7.