New Effort May Allow Continuance of Coastal Management Program

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

A new effort has come forward that could lead to continuing the state’s Coastal Management program. The development-coordinating program will sunset July first unless lawmakers come up with an extension.

Until now, Governor Parnell has resisted any plan to re-instate local input. But Bethel’s Senator Lyman Hoffman says legislators have begun meeting with the Governor and Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan.

“We did have a meeting with the governor yesterday on Coastal Zone and I think the direction has moved from a one-year extension or a six-year extension to trying to address the issue this year,” Hoffman said. “I think there’s a sincere effort on the governor’s part.”

Both House and Senate committees have worked out compromise plans for an extension. APRN’s requests for a response from the governor’s staff have not been answered.

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