Bear Tooth Theater Holds Discussion on ‘The Silence’

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage

A lot of silence surrounds the issue of Catholic clergy abuse of children in rural Alaska villages. But a documentary film showing and panel discussion at the Bear Tooth Theater in Anchorage tonight are aimed at bringing the issue out into the open. The film is called “The Silence.” It aired on the PBS show frontline last week. Since then, producer Tom Curran says he’s heard a flood of reaction from viewers.”

The panel discussion tonight includes Curran, Patrick Wall, an expert on Catholic clergy abuse,  Gretchen Schmelzer, a psychologist who specializes in trauma and Elsie Boudreau a survivor of clergy sex abuse from St. Mary’s. Boudreau now works as an advocate for victims. She says the victims who speak out in the film are thankful they were a part of the project.

Elsie Boudreau is a survivor of clergy sex abuse and is featured in the documentary, “The Silence.” The film and panel discussion will start at 8pm tonight at the Bear Tooth Theater in Anchorage.

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