AK: Bees

This week on AK… bees.

We’ve all seen them, fat and fuzzy, zigzagging from flower to flower in a seemingly erratic flight to somewhere. Bumblebees were so named for their clumsy trip from bud to bud, not to mention their signature sound, like tiny buzzsaws. But now they are disappearing, and that could have dire consequences for the human race. But it’s not too late. AK’s Ellen Lockyer tells us how we can help save the tiniest threatened species.

And now it’s time for our weekly escape to an Alaskan village. Today, we’re heading to the same place as all the tourists: Skagway. The small town at the northern end of Lynne Canal booms every summer with cruise ship traffic. We talked with three people in town to get a sense of what it’s like, starting with the mayor:

That was Tom Cochran, Blaine Mero and Collette Hisman talking about Skagway. 300 villages is AK’s attempt to put every community in Alaska on the radio.

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