Arctic Entries’ Upcoming Season Announced

The following announcement arrived in the inbox last night.  Everyone around the world headquarters is really excited about the upcoming season of Arctic Entries.  If you haven’t heard about the project, check out their site:  While you’re there, check out their logo design contest.

Hello Friends, Storytellers and Supporters!

Season Three of Arctic Entries is a mere month away. We are as excited as can be! With so many big changes at the end of last year, we wanted to transition you all slowly into the next season. Deep breaths and trust falls. So now that we have covered that, we have decided to turn Arctic Entries into a group dance competition wherein a three-judge panel (we have our fingers crossed for Bristol!) and an applause-o-meter determine who should advance much like the seminal movie You Got Served. Writer/Director Chris Stokes really goes for that authentic urban feel with the sideways ball caps and what some might call the overuse of the word “crew” in the dialogue, a real master. Fellini would be proud.

So now that it is understood that the last few sentences were a joke, and you have wiped the tears that have undoubtedly welled up in your eyes from laughter, let’s get down to business. We are happy to announce Season Three’s Themes and Hosts!

The storyboard thought long and hard on these so we hope they resonate with you, bringing out some truly entertaining stories this season. As always interpret the theme name as loosely as you want.

September: Tuesday the 13th
Getting Schooled: Lessons learned the hard way

Spooked: Campfire Stories, local legends, and costumes gone amuck

Reaping what you sow: Stories of Karma, Epic Oopses, and Harvesting the fruits of your labor)

Close Quarters: Roommates, Neighbors, cabin fever and slim pickins

Breaking Point (enough is enough is enough is enough)

Law and Order (stories of the black, the white and the gray)

Paws and Claws: Stories feral and domestic

Sourdoughs: Stories of self-starters and crusty tales of yore

Building Things: Stories of personal construction, community initiatives and duct tape

So tell your friends, get your “crew” together and pitch your story at

Sometimes change is hard. Much like your parent’s divorce or the untimely death of a pet, we could never replace James and Tara. But we are certain that you will like Arctic Entries new friend…err…hosts. It is with great pleasure that Arctic Entries announces our two new Hosts, Matt Rafferty and Emily Fehrenbacher.

Matt Rafferty, former candidate for the American Presidency, made a stunning transformation from an overweight, conservative accountant in Boston to a skinny, progressive, moose-hunting conservationist in Alaska. Thankfully, his Neil Diamond impersonating alter-ego survived the transformation. After his stellar performance telling his story on our show entitled “The Grind,” the storyboard knew he could handle the reigns as co-host of the show.

Born and raised in the suburban sprawl of Chicago, Emily Fehrenbacher came to Alaska in ’08 for the trees, mountains and politics. After realizing that being a progressive in Alaska was exactly like being a Chicago Cubs fan, she decided to stay. Her zest for life and a nervous high-kick at our “Road Trips” show endeared her to us. She joins Matt as a co-host this season.

We, your friends and neighbors, hope to see you this season. Dates for the shows are still being nailed down. You can keep up to date by following us on twitter or facebook and as always

the storyboard

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In the spirit of This American Life and other urban storytelling events, Arctic Entries brings Alaskans to the stage to share their personal stories, funny, sad, and sweet. At each performance, 7 people each tell a 7-minute true story relating to this show’s theme, along with performances by local musicians. Let Arctic Entries warm you with great homegrown stories.

Proceeds benefit the homeless.  Supported by the Storytellers’ Guild of Anchorage.

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