Southcentral Foundation Gets Grant to Find Those Who Need Denali Kid Care

The Anchorage-based Southcentral Foundation has received a $700,000 federal grant to find more Alaska Native children who need to enroll in the Denali Kid Care program.   That’s the state program that combines with federal programs to offer medical services to children from low-income families. The federal grant was part of a $40 million national distribution – the second round of grants since the Children’s Health Insurance Program was reauthorized two years ago. Cindy Mann, with the Center for Medicaid Services, says the outreach services have been successful.

“A study by the Urban Institute released just this morning found that states have been making great progress.   Between 2008 and 2009 – even though the total number of eligible children increased in part due to the economy – so we had a greater number of kids who were actually eligible and uninsured – the number of children who were not enrolled and were uninsured actually dropped during this difficult economic time,” Mann said.

The federal emphasis on getting new clients will focus on using technology and schools to find eligible children – and to focus on teenagers who still qualify for medical assistance.

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