Siblings have a relationship with one another like no other relationship in life – they are our first playmates and the people we can remain friends with as adults. So next time we’re turning the spotlight on the sibling relationship – how’s it changed throughout history, what it means in the present day and why it’s so important through the course of our lives. Our guests are Dr. Ann Jache, a Professor of Sociology at UAA specializing in gerontology and Dr. Dallett Hemphill, Professor of History at Ursinus University and author of  Siblings: Brothers and Sisters in American History. Kathleen McCoy guest hosts.

ALSO THIS HOUR – When a child’s brother or sister has a serious illness like cancer the other siblings may get less attention at home – in addition to experiencing stress over their sick sibling – that’s where SuperSibs! comes in, to support the siblings of children with cancer. Also, meet a big clan of adult siblings who consider each other best friends.

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